Harvesting the Power of Nature

Producing premium-grade hebal ingredients is in our nature. And we do this by adhering to world-class manufacturing processes and good agriculture practices. Our potent products enhance the health and wellness of thousands and put a heartwarming smile on the faces of indigenous farmers we employ. We are Binhi, a premier biofarm and natural ingredients company.

  • We are the company behind successful herbal companies and we supply ingredients to the foremost government department tasked to provide quality health care to every Filipino. Their success is a testament to the quality and potency of our raw ingredients.

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  • Within the expanse of the farm are some of nature’s most powerful medicinal plants: lagundi, sambong, guava, acapolco,peppermint, lemon, amplaya, and malunggay.

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  • Every time you buy our client’s hebal products, you are not only taking the right steps toward holistic health but you are also enriching the lives of farmers. We have established iFarm(Indigenous Farmers Association for Raw Materials,Inc.).

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