Since its inception in 1998, BINHI has evolved into a full-fledged company engaging in the distribution of quality herbal raw materials for different natural products, herbal food supplements, natural and herbal cosmetics, ingredients and active recipe components. With a flourishing business, BINHI is able to expand into farming to enable to meet the growing demands for natural raw ingredients. Likewise, BINHI has helped improve the quality of life of farmers by encouraging them to develop and grow crops that are in demand.

To date, BINHI continuously supports farmers from Central and South Luzon, making the company the leading supplier of premium-grade powdered herbal raw materials,harvested and processed by demand. With a processing plant strategically situated in the South and Central Luzon, BINHI is able to process natural materials immediately, thereby keeping it fresh and maintaining its potency.

BINHI has become the supplier of choice manufacturers the field of traditional health medicine and private companies engaged in marketing herbal supplements.


To provide our country farmers livelihood, thus improving their lives. To set the standard in premium organic farming.


Putting health in the hands of the people by being the preferred source of premium-grade raw materials in the country and globally.