Fast and efficient delivery

World-class processing

Premium plants grown via organic farming

Livelihood to farmers

Outstanding Support


  • Premium Organic Raw Material

    We are the company behind successful herbal companies and we supply ingredients to the foremost government department tasked to provide quality health care to every Filipino. Their success is a testament to the quality and potency of our raw ingredients.

    We did an extensive research to discover the best plant varieties and we planted it on rich, fertile soil to provide optimum nourishment. To ensure efficacy, we follow rigorous quality standards from manufacturing to delivery.

  • Reliable and Continuous Supply

    Within the expanse of the farm are some of nature’s most powerful medicinal plants: lagundi, sambong, guava, acapolco,peppermint, lemon, amplaya, and malunggay.

    Our vast farm can supply your herbal raw material demands — uninterrupted supply at a competitive price.At Binhi,you deal with people with years of agricultural and farming experience and has an exceptional grasp of the herbal business inside and out.

  • Giving Back to the Community

    Every time you buy our client’s hebal products, you are not only taking the right steps toward holistic health but you are also enriching the lives of farmers. We have established iFarm(Indigenous Farmers Association for Raw Materials,Inc.).

    It aims to provide livelihood to marginalized residents — hence by economically empowering them, we also help in the growth of the community. We employ farmers to plant in the field, their relatives, daughters, sons during harvest time and train people in the exacting processes of manufacturing. For those who have reached retirable age, there is a vermacast facility, where senior citizens can culture fertilizers that are sold to the organization.